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MyDoc : Document Management System by metadata

Efficient access and tracking of your documents
A powerful and robust Document Management System set up with you, according to your specific processes, to track the life cycle of documents:

  • Plan a provisional list of documents for the various project stakeholders
  • Validate your documents regarding the workflows and processes in place
  • Share the latest versions of your document for all stakeholders on any support

Actually, with its simple and efficient ergonomics, Beyond InSite facilitates collaboration between all contibutorsin real time. MyDoc guarantees the security of your data with a complete history of your documents.

Document management by category and metadata

Easy access to document information

Addition of provisional document

Addition of revisions to documents

Sequenced validation circuits (visas or notices)

Editing, viewing and notification rights management

Document statistics according to their status

Search engine for documents and document content

Document management by categories and nomenclature

solution de gestion électronique de documents - document management system solution

Customise the codification of your files according to your document structure using categories and nomenclature.

Manage the access and indexing of your documents with consultation of previous indexes.

Easily view the complete modification history of each document as well as its status on a tablet or computer.

Sequenced workflow with visas or notices

GED circuits de validation - approvals document management system

Optimise and control the document lifecycle: easily manage the planning of documents.

Control, notify and accelerate communication between all the stakeholders on the worksite thanks to the validation workflows.

Launch sequenced workflows (for information or mandatory validation) with response time management.

Precise rights management

Gestion électronique de documents visas avis - document management system with mandatory visas of for information

Collaborate with all companies involved on the construction site by controlling read, write and notification rights.

Define validators for your workflows with or without constraints for the document cycle (for information or mandatory validation).

Search for your documents or document content with the various filters based on codification.

At the end of your project, get your As-Built documentation quickly and easily, hosted and available for consultation on our servers or for download.

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